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I am a fully qualified, experienced sex and relationship therapist. I have a background of working as a Psychosexual Therapist, and counsellor for many years in sexual health clinic settings and in specialist holistic gender care, with trans and gender diverse adults, plus their partners.


I am integrative in approach, with a focus and interest in working with issues that come up for you within your relationships with others: sex life, sexuality, gender diversity, models of relationships.


I make no assumptions and aim to work respectfully with clients from diverse backgrounds, acknowledging your core beliefs, and your unique social and cultural aspects that relate to your relationships and sex life.


also work with people who are not in a relationship, or sexual, exploring individual issues and questions that arise around broad ranging issues of gender and sexuality, working towards developing a confidence, understanding of oneself and comfort in one’s own skin.

In my training background I have had many years experience of working in holistic gender care seeing trans and non binary clients and their partners, as well as in general clinical NHS practice with a broad range of cisgender (non-trans), heterosexual and sexuality and gender diverse LGBTQI clients. I also have experience of working at a specialist clinic for adults with Learning Disabilities, working with client with issues of confidence building, sexuality, adult sex education needs, and relationship and family difficulties.



I work therapeutically, offering talking therapy with women, men, and gender diverse adults, individuals and couples.


A first session is our opportunity for assessment, this is where you can start to raise your difficulties and needs and to explore your therapy goals. I will ask you about your background and your core beliefs related to your experience of your gender, relationships and sex life. I will explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and about your relationships. I will look at your relationship patterns, family, friendships, partnerships (past and current), and your vision and hopes for your future. We can if you wish to explore issues of gender, sexuality and model of relationship.


I am also interested in working with clients who may be preparing for or have experience of essential medical treatments (hysterectomy, adult circumcision, gender affirming medical treatments) I can offer to work with clients to support their re-connection with their relationship with their body, and their erotic and sexual experience. Plus I have an interest and experience of working with individuals and couples, supporting the recovery of an individual’s surgical treatment, with the exploration of anxieties, fears and wishes for the future, and looking at positive adaption and embodiment of bodily changes after surgery.

You will at an initial consultation have the opportunity to find out more about how I work, as a therapist, and we can decide together whether we are to go on from here, to work together in regular therapy sessions.


I have been awarded the:


  • Post-graduate Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy. (LDPRT) 

Accredited by Middlesex University, C.O.S.R.T, NCP, and the European Association for Counselling. 


  • NAOS Institute Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy.

Accredited by the National Counselling Society, and NCP.

  • I hold full professional insurance. 

  • I am a COSRT General Member, working towards full accreditation.

  • I am a Co-coordinator of the Gendered Intelligence Therapist & Counsellors Network.

  • I abide by the professional and ethical guidelines COSRT 8)

  • I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018)



Psychosexual Therapy



Sexuality and Gender - your relationship with yourself, and others. Including navigating change and transition, in you or your partner’s gender identity or sexuality, and or your relationship model and or social identity (with the outside world, your partner, your family, work colleagues).


Relationships - improving your communication skills around sex and intimacy.

Exploring your thoughts and feelings about your relationship and sex life - Discussing the satisfying and less satisfying aspects. Working on difficulties. Exploring individual growth within a relationship.

Communication - voicing your needs, raising difficulties, initiating change. Opening up in a safe space, with the support of a skilled therapist.

Sex and sex life - looking at your individual and partner needs, at what is satisfying sex, in connection, in compatibility, in shared intimacy, and in any compromise or ease in a sexual dynamic and physicality. Sometimes this may mean an exploration a broadening of one’s sexual and erotic experience, or the re-examination of affirmative consent, and a conscious re-evaluation of a relationship ‘contract’ or agreed model. Your sex and sexuality experience can be brought to therapy from your main closed one on one relationship, and or from your experience of other diverse models of relationships and sexual experience. Inclusive of Solo sex. BDSM, hook up, and public sex environments.

Common Psychosexual issues for women, men and gender diverse people

  • Orgasmic difficulties

  • Arousal difficulties

  • Ejaculation difficulties (premature, delayed)

  • Sexual lubrication difficulties and arousal difficulties

  • Sexual lubrication and arousal differences with a gender diverse body. Working to diminish shame or discomfort in sex, seeking a positive connection with your arousal, your erectile flesh, your ejaculation and or lubrication.

  • Pain during sex, sexual penetration difficulties.

  • Desire - loss and fluctuations in desire

A whole body sexuality exploration - broadening a definition of ‘normal’ successful goal oriented sex from an emphasis on a single focus sex act (penis in vagina, or penis in anus). This could mean exploring inexperience, past experience, shame, body image, and sexuality or gender norm belief issues. Plus an encouragement to explore looking at how to be more present in sex.

Body image in sex and relationships.

Gender Dysphoria working with building self-confidence, navigating discomfort and unease. Boundaries and consent with partners.

Inexperience, coming out, the voicing of curiosity, imagination and your needs. Psychosexual education with a skilled experienced sex positive therapist.


  • Relationship sexual difficulties

  • Sexuality

  • Low libido

  • Dyspareunia

  • Vaginismus

  • Erectile difficulties

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Recovery from surgery

  • Arousal difficulties

  • Gender Dysphoria issues in sex and relationships

  • Gender Transition for the individual, and within a relationship 



COSRT my governing body, for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists has a helpful informative website.


Take a look:

COSRT website - What To Expect From Therapy


I have therapy rooms at Kings Cross and St.Pancras, London.

My session times are currently Friday evening and Saturday morning, with other slots that may come available on a Monday and Wednesday.


Sessions last for 50 minutes, and we aim to make an agreement to meet regularly every two weeks.
(Returning clients can be offered top up appointments)


Introductory Session Fee:


Individuals  £50 
Couples      £80

On going fees sliding scale once we make an agreement to work together:

Individuals  £60-80 
Couples     £100-120 

After 6 sessions we can explore whether we will re-contract for a further set of sessions.

Cancellations I would ask for as much notice as possible, if made at short notice of less than 48 hours, a cancellation fee will be charged.

Outside of private practice, I offer pro bono and low cost therapy sessions within an NHS sexual health clinic, and at cliniQ (cliniQ website)


You may wish to contact me to talk on the telephone to arrange a trial session (contact details below).


After this initial meeting, if we both agree, we can go on to arrange to meet on a regular basis as client and therapist, to explore your difficulties, needs, and goals.